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Welcome. My initial interest in Yoga was prompted by my desire to address the stiffness and inflexibility extended to every part of my body. As an active athletic person (skiing, basketball, cycling and tennis) I found myself constantly sore and stiff and that got worse as I got older. I had been advised that Yoga could make me more flexible and supple, albeit it would be an incremental process. Paradoxically those who are least flexible tend to shun even trying yoga. In fact it is those people that are most tight and impliable that need Yoga more than others. When an inflexible person eschews Yoga it's akin to a person who is ill not taking their prescribed medicine, or a hungry person not eating.

My amazing Yogic journey over the past decade prompted me to become a teacher and to now open a studio where hopefully others can enjoy the wonderful benefits of Yoga.

— Marc Altheim

benefits of yoga

I have found that Yoga offers great physical benefits with an integral overlay of mental and spiritual elements that can provide a student with greater peace of mind and various skills to help tackle the stresses and challenges of our lives. Through Yoga one can learn a variety of breathing techniques, meditation, and a greater awareness of our life energy systems.  

our commitment

At Know Yoga Know Bliss we are committed to operating a traditional Yoga studio that is focused on teaching proper technique and sound practices. The studio will be a clean and tranquil sanctuary for you to to explore your inner-self and enhance your Yoga.

We pledge to listen to and respond to the needs of our Yogic community and recognize the individuality of each of our participants. All our bodies are structured differently and that is vital for Yogis and teachers to take into account when engaging in the practice of Yoga. Each person also brings their own mental and emotional state to the mat that needs to be nurtured and explored in a collaboration between student and teacher.

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