All classes are $20 per class. Please check out our schedule for upcoming classes.

1. apprentice

Ideal for new and kinda-new Yogis. This class focuses on learning the poses correctly as well as the fundamentals of breathing and some meditation. Satisfying!

2. vinyasa flow

A dynamic flow class at an energetic tempo for experienced beginners and beyond. Invigorating!

3. alignment

Focus is on alignment of your poses - for experienced beginners and above. This is vital if you want your practice to grow. Poses are generally held longer to deepen your Yogic experience. You will feel great after class and the next day. Uplifting!

4. align & flow

Experienced beginners through experts are welcome. A melding of Vinyassa and Alignment will be offered during this class. Revitalizing!

5. open

Students can explore and deepen their practice during this class. Options are given that allow you the time to test your personal Yoga journey. For the experienced beginners to the seasoned yogis. Inspiring!

6. gentle

All students welcome. The class takes a softer and slower approach to the poses. Proper breathing, meditation and other relaxing techniques are explored. Use of props makes poses easier and more comfortable. Yummy!

7. meditation

Learn to quiet your mind in a class that briefly discusses meditation and then allows you to try it for yourself. Calming!

8. restorative

A relaxing style of Yoga that calms your mind and body. Sequence usually covers about 5-6 poses whereby Yoga props are used to allow students to completely relax and rest. Delicious!

9. early morning express

A 45-minute Vinyassa class empowering you to kick-start your day with bliss and aspiration. Strive!

10. lunchtime express

An "In&Out" class for those needing a dose of calmness coupled with a jolt of rejuvenation. An concise, efficient and effective Yoga class that will coast you through the rest of your day. Refreshing!

11. yin yoga

Yin Yoga cultivates inner stillness. During the class one practices 8-10 poses with prop support, holding poses, playing your edge, settling into sensation. Yin yoga allows us to create more length and space in our bodies and minds. Calming!

12. yoga for teens

Teen Yoga - Studies show that teens build focus, self-confidence,resilience and social and emotional intelligence as they move through the teenage years with a mind-body Yoga practice as their secret sauce. Find peace, relief from stress, worry and anxiety as we move and groove harmoniously through class. Breath control with infused movement techniques will inspire. Be You. Soar!

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